Sunday, January 02, 2005

Highlights of 2005

Worst New Year’s Call.
5…4…3…2…1… Welcome to ground zero!  --Host, NPR Toast of the Nation.

Worst Prediction Headline.
Who’ll Make Waves in ’05?  --Chicago Tribune

Inquiring minds want to suggest.
Do the major media present fair and balanced coverage of Christmas or biased coverage that undermines the traditional meaning of Christmas? 
--Media Research Center Daily Poll Question.

Best pundit summaries of the thorny situation in the Mideast. (3-way tie):

Comparatively challenged.
The bad things got more bad and the good things got more good. --David Brooks, NYT, on News Hour.

Warning: dangerous parallel construction ahead. Pull up! Pull up!
This is the year that will vindicate or… question Bush policy. --Robin Wright, Washington Post, on This Week.

No arguing with that.
Isn’t it always something we didn’t expect that surprises us?  --Evan Thomas, Newsweek, on Meet the Press.


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