Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Full Montagne

Far be it from me to suggest that a general “dumbing down” necessarily accompanies NPR’s increasingly worshipful stance toward all things fundamentalist and increasing credulity in transcribing White House cliff notes. I simply listen to Renee Montagne.

On the prisoner abuse memos (Monday 12/21):

I’m gonna repeat a question, ‘cause we’ll cut the first time I ask
it— To whom do these memos go to?

This morning on the Arizona immigration law:

Starting today, state workers in Arizona are required to deny certain
benefits to applicants who can’t prove they’re in this country illegally.

Obviously these are being left in the broadcast, but I’m guessing that
all the editing suites in all of Hollywood could not sweeten these little newsreadings.

Meanwhile, the competing classical station remains witty, urbane and
blessedly free of churchy cant (reverential portraits of homeschooling hatemongers, "commentators" plugging their coercive Christian websites, etc., you know, the stuff that's so difficult to find on the rest of the radio dial):

That was a song by Englebert Humperdink, the real one...


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