Friday, January 21, 2005

Sessile No More!

I wasn't going to say anything. Let them have their day, even in the pages of our paper of record.

If some Harvard psychology twit wants to claim his research proves that Bush isn't so bad after all and that this is really the best of all possible worlds, well, why not? We all know that social science is as harmless as it is lazy.

If William Safire wants to dodder into his retirement proclaiming W's limp tone-deaf bleat one of the 5 best second inaugurals of the 20 delivered, let him. He's old enough to have attended all 20 and he'll be out of our hair and our Times soon enough. Plus, as even the Harvard guy could probably calculate, ranking in the top 5 of 20 isn't very impressive.  That would be like the Bulls standing, and they're as cold as this town.

(For a better analysis see... a better columnist.)

But then the family values thugs overplayed their hand (as they always do).  Giving us 4 more years of hate and hypocrisy was one thing, but then they came after Sponge Bob.

Look, you joyless perverts, go back to your obscene phone calls, fourth wives, and looting of the treasury.  But leave Sponge Bob alone.


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