Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Don't blame me, I voted for Buchanan

What greets me this election morning is an NPR
birthday shout-out to "commentator" Pat Buchanan.

That would be the same Pat Buchanan holocaust-denier who, on a badly-designed
ballot in Palm Beach, Florida garnered a suspiciously large endorsement
from elderly Jewish voters, yada yada, and the Supreme Court appointed
George W. Bush president.  That Pat Buchanan.

It's also nice to hear that the Supreme Court is still with us, a couple
of feet in the grave not withstanding.  The next news item is that
they have roused themselves to allow Republicans to harass voters at the
Ohio polls.  Go, Big Red Machine!  Suppress that vote! Remember
to scurry appropriately for Michael Moore's cameras.  Try not to impale
anyone with a flag, it's been done.

"It's almost too good to be true!" enthuses the brainless Renee Montagne
on checking in with a rural Ohio county and, hearing that, aside from most
of the election judges having been intimidated into resigning, everything
is going fine.  Perry
, according to state census figures is 99% white with a median
income of $34k.  Do we really expect that Republican poll "challengers"
are challenging rural white voters, or asking suburban soccer moms to produce
their passports at polling places?  Thank god we've averted that nightmare.

What's with the new, not-so-crypto conservative Morning Edition? Why
isn't anyone on this story? Yesterday they ran a profile of a (nutball)
fringe candidate
straight-up:  just let him rant away, against evolution, immigration,
human sexuality, etc.  Sure, stuff as dumb as this refutes itself,
but why give it air time?  Maybe to make "Senior" Commentator Juan
Williams , "Senior" News Analyst Cokie Roberts and "Senior" Washington
Editor Ron Elving seem more reasonable? When did "senior" become a synonym
for "Republican"? Where's Strom Thurmond when you need him? This morning
we had very "senior" T.R. Reid slobbering over the power of the vote for
"The Poor
.  It's the poor listener I pity.

Pay no attention to the corporations behind the curtain!  And Happy
Birthday to holocaust-deniers, religious fundamentalists, bigots of all
stripes and vote suppressors everywhere!


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