Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Slide Shows

The NYT World Series Slide
Show for Game 3
is literally that. The fourth and fifth photos show
two key put outs.

Walker, out at the plate:  How to slide.

Suppan, out at third:  How not to slide.

The Guardian posts  a slide show of American families during the run-up to the

It's interesting to see what catches the British photographers' attention.  They
are fascinated by our driveways, and a bit spooked by Halloween. ("Pumpkins
are everywhere.")

So is Bush. The same creepy poster of smirking W. and vacant Laura hovers over the lives of the Republican families. Orwell, anyone?

Check out The Williams Family's sound clip, and the photo of Mr. Rodriguez
in his den (with Beatles albums and FOX World Series telecast).


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