Friday, September 10, 2004

Bipolar Bears

It seems the Cubs have decided either to win big or lose miserably, no
middle ground.  I guess you have to respect that.

It follows a certain logic. You want to pass with flying colors or just scrape through:

Q: What do they call the student who got C's in Med School?

A: Doctor.

And I am tired of eating my liver over wretchedly punishing one-run
games (in which we have amassed a less-than-distinguished14-24 record).
I was momentarily distracted from this angst by the prospect of football
starting up, but then I remembered-- oh yeah, the Bears.

So fine, I say, you Cubs:  get shut out or win by double digits. 
Or do both in one day (today).  This is Chicago after all, a city
where the minor leagues give out ice scrapers in August.  Not because
"you never know", but, oh, because you do.


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