Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Clintonesque without the grotesque

In an "instant response" to the Kerry VP choice that simply
amazed television commentators (it was on Bush-Cheney web sites within
minutes of the official announcement!  Wow!  Are they on top
of things, or what?  Lucky for us the Prez wasn't reading a good children's
book this morning...) the Republican National
Committee website
calls Edwards "disingenuous" and "unaccomplished."

Ouch!  Never mind that Bush cannot read, pronounce, spell or define
"disingenuous", or that, true to form, these accusations best characterize
the Bushies themselves.

The Bush campaign website (which
can't use the address "GWBush.com" because the Bushies didn't have the
foresight to register their name, ceding it to satirists)
jeers that Edwards was not Kerry's first choice.  Dems could effectively
counter by pointing out that Dick the snarling, duck blasting, crony courting,
unelectable, Halliburting "go
f--- yourself
, big time" Bunker-boy Cheney
W's first choice
for VP.  Or maybe it was the other way around, scary in any case.

The Bushies know, or think they know, how to defend against a careful
thinker who engages the complex problems of government with a nuanced response
to factual analysis (Gore, Kerry, Nader for that matter).  Like the
talking Barbie doll who
giggled, "Math is hard!" and "Let's go shopping", the Bushies put on costumes
print up slogans, wink into the camera and shake their heads.  "Pointing
out how we've squandered the budget surplus, ignored domestic problems
and started a specious war is so pessimistic!  Let's go to Disney

But Edwards is a different story.  He has an easy, natural charm
and all the smarts and cunning of a winning trial attorney.  He's
Clintonesque without the grotesque.  I think Edwards will kick butt,
smiling all the way.



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