Saturday, July 10, 2004

Think Positive and Work Like Hell

As much junior-grade fun as it is to jeer at The Other Side, trade funny
pictures poems
and songs
about them, and call them poopheads, etc., (and don't misunderstand me,
it is a lot of fun), maybe like me you have been searching for positive
actions to take to help make things better for folks who "don't count"
in Bushie America.  Maybe like me you wish that the rich white men
who largely run things in Washington could have some more diverse company.

That's why I'm writing today about Doris "Granny D" Haddock, a citizen
in her nineties who has embraced the "crazy idea" of personal political
action and activism.  A few years ago she walked across the United
States to protest the distorting influence of big-money campaign contributions
on our representative democracy, and wrote about the journey in her memoir.

Tonight on NPR I heard that she has stepped up to run for U.S. Senate
when the Democrat dropped out of the race in her state of New Hampshire. 
Republicans and "smart money" consultants interviewed for the radio
were openly dismissive of her and disdainful of her candidacy. 
But I think they are ignoring the genuine feeling that is building out
here in Internet Land and the power we possess when we use our networks
to mobilize and lend support (as we did for Howard Dean and Michael Moore).

You can learn more about Doris Haddock and her feisty campaign to "Think
Positive About Our Future and Work Like Hell" at her website.


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